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Marielle Newton


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We all want to live purposeful and meaningful lives. Asking for help is a brave step in that direction, and I'm so glad you're here. Trauma impacts our brains’ ability to process our past and current experiences, and I believe that forming stronger relationships with ourselves deepens our capacity to meaningfully connect with other people. In our sessions, we will process your experiences so you can understand them better, learn ways to be more mindful and present, teach your brain new ways of being, and even rest in the joy of laughter.

Counseling is a partnership, and I want to create a trusting and supportive relationship with you. You are a whole person with a story worth telling, so I strive to be fully present and bring my authentic self to each session. I use integrative therapy techniques to help you align your values with your response to life’s challenges.

After teaching high school for 13 years, I became a therapist because I have a passion for helping people use their innate resilience to feel more in control of their lives. I look forward to hearing your story and walking alongside you in your journey toward living each day with self-compassion and purpose.


Trauma, Anxiety and Depression, Parenting and Motherhood, LGBTQ+ Adults, Religious/Spiritual Trauma, Intimate Partner/Domestic Violence Adults and Adolescents.


University of Cincinnati





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