Clinical Supervision

Beyond Your Valley is honored to provide Clinical Supervision services for Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC) and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors (LPCC) in Ohio and Licensed Professional Counselor Associates (LPCA) in Kentucky.

Not every agency or practice you may work at as a counselor provides in-house supervision, so we are here to fill that gap. Or you may be an LPC or LPCA and own a private practice and need clinical supervision. 

We provide individualized, interactive, practical, ethical supervision to help you put counseling theories and approaches into action to be the best counselor you can be.  A primary focus in supervision will be on knowing yourself in your work with your clients, so you can grow yourself and help your clients do the same.   


Sessions are typically 1 hour, though longer sessions can be provided upon request.  



Individual supervision allows time and space to get to know your authentic self as a counselor and understand what approaches work best for your clients. Cost is $140 per hour.


Group supervision is tons of fun and a great way to learn from your peers who have a wealth of knowledge, experience and perspectives to share. Cost is $80 per hour.


For Ohio LPCCs seeking their supervision endorsement, the “S”, we offer 5 hours of observation plus the 1 hour consultation as a package for $490.  

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