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Psychiatric Care

Psychiatry examines the psychological, social, environmental, behavioral, and medical components of health.  Psychiatric care can help ease mental and emotional suffering that comes along with depression, anxiety, and other mental health concerns.  Psychiatric care is often most effective along with counseling and/or coaching so that all aspects of your wellness are considered and addressed to improve your overall wellbeing.

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How You Will Benefit From Psychiatric Care

Reduce Symptoms of Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

Improve Mood, Energy, and Motivation

Increase Insight into Your Strengths and Challenges

Develop an Action Plan to Improve Your Overall Wellness 

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Jen Milau

Jen is passionate about helping people using a comprehensive and individualized approach. She is down to earth, easy to talk with, and has a lot of empathy.  People love working with her because she connects so well and cares so much. In addition to an understanding of how medications affect the brain and the body, Jen has spent hundreds of additional hours studying how our brains, bodies, and environments are interconnected and can contribute to mental and emotional pain.  Because she sees problems as multi-faceted, she can offer you multi-faceted solutions. Jen believes it is her calling to help you find answers in whatever way possible.

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