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We can help you break through the obstacles that are holding you back in life. At Beyond Your Valley, we’ve gathered a team of experienced therapists who have a passion for helping people overcome difficulties.  With a strong set of values and beliefs, we foster a highly collaborative culture, drawing upon our various specialties to help our clients grow and succeed.

Brian Valasek, Beyond Your Valley


Brian is passionate about helping people conquer shame and social anxiety and thrive in the addiction recovery process. He will help you get to the core of your problem and discover long-term solutions. Brian uses and teaches psychological models that are easy to understand so you can apply the strategies beyond the session.


Addiction, Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Assertive Communication and Self-Esteem with Adults and Older Adults.

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Jacob Glaser


Jacob uses a narrative approach to help you look at life from a new perspective. He spends time to help you understand and accept your current circumstances and create new chapters in your story. 


Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Addiction, Trauma and PTSD, Autism, Stress, Life Transitions, and Grief with Adolescents, Adults and Older Adults.

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Maddy Campbell, Therapist


Maddy is committed to providing you with support while challenging you to uncover what’s lying beneath the surface so that you can better understand your true self. She combines psychodynamic strategies with other helpful principles and techniques as the relationship grows to fit your therapeutic goals and needs.


Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Trauma and PTSD, Life Transitions, and Grief with Adults.

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Erin Fitzpatrick, Thereapist


Erin became a counselor because she saw firsthand the positive effect doing the work had on her life. She would love to walk with you as you do the work in your own life and grow into the person you want to be. The work can be intimidating, but with humor, dedication, and resilience, Erin can work with you to make the changes that you want to make in your life.


Relationships, Trauma and PTSD, Addiction, Self-Esteem, and Codependency with Adults.

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Jackie will foster a genuine relationship with you by providing you abundant support and compassionate accountability. She will create a safe and supportive space to work through what brought you here. Jackie will work to understand you, the context of your life, and how you interact with your environment to help you better understand your challenges and harness your strengths.


Addiction, Substance Use, Career Counseling, Coping Skills, Depression, and Self-Harming in Adults and Older Adults.

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Adan knows it is difficult to decide who to share your deeper thoughts and emotions with.  That's why he brings authenticity, transparency and a trusting approach to his work with you.  He will be present with you and engaged in the conversation.  He will help you understand what you are experiencing and help you get to the root causes so you can identify thoughts and behaviors to change to accomplish your goals.  Adan would love to partner with you on your journey toward mental wellness.


Anxiety, Depression, Addiction, Trauma, Stress, and Achievement with Adolescents and Adults.

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This is number one.  We believe a trusting and genuine connection is the foundation of everything.  Our aim is to connect with every individual we work with. We view other therapists, practices, and companies as potential partners in the collective mission to improve people’s lives. 


We believe in your capacity to think, feel, and do good. This is exactly why we believe in your ability to do even better.  We will work with you based on your values.  We will support and challenge you to reach your full potential.


We respect you as a unique individual and for the courage it takes to face valleys and mountains head on. We respect the helping profession as a whole and the individuals who do this work.

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We are humble, down-to-earth, purpose-driven therapists who aren’t afraid to use humor and roll up our sleeves together. We will be transparent about our process and approach. We encourage you to be yourself with us always.  


We believe in aspirational ethics. This means our aim is Doing The Most Good with honesty and integrity. In every situation we will consider how to do the most good, make the most positive impact, and go above and beyond to help you get the most out of counseling and out of life.

Brian Valasek, Beyond Your Valley
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