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Meet Our Team of Providers

At Beyond Your Valley, we’ve gathered a team of exceptionally gifted professionals who have a passion for helping you break through the obstacles that are holding you back in life. We draw upon our various specialties and experiences to help you grow and go beyond.



This is number one.  We believe a trusting and genuine connection is the foundation of everything.  Our aim is to connect with every individual we work with. We view other therapists, practices, and companies as potential partners in the collective mission to improve people’s lives. 


We believe in your capacity to think, feel, and do good. This is exactly why we believe in your ability to do even better.  We will work with you based on your values.  We will support and challenge you to reach your full potential.


We respect you as a  unique individual and for the courage it takes to   face valleys and  mountains head-on.  We respect the helping profession as a whole and the people who do this  work with purpose and passion.

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We are humble, down-to-earth, purpose-driven providers who aren’t afraid to use humor and roll up our sleeves together. We will be transparent about our process and approach. We encourage you to be yourself with us always.  


We believe in aspirational ethics. This means our aim is Doing The Most Good with honesty and integrity. In every situation we will consider how to do the most good, make the most positive impact, and go above and beyond to help you get the most out of counseling and out of life.

Brian Valasek, Beyond Your Valley
Would you like to join our team of providers? 
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